A Tree Grows In Second Life

I like trees in both lives. Who doesn’t, really? In Second Life, they can make an important building block for your landscaping needs. Like with a lot of the things that I will talk about here, on the blog, I often buy trees at shopping events. Fameshed is a good event for landscaping needs.


The tree is from Heart, one of their Silver Birch bushes. I tend to use birch trees as the basis for my landscaping, I’m not sure why. Maybe it is because I am a Midwestern girl. The detailing on the trees are good, and I like the “realism” that the bring to a sim.

The grass is from [We’re Closed], a perennial Second Life favorite. The grass fills a lot of space and only has a land impact of one. An excellent part of anyone’s outdoors landscaping wardrobe.

The background trees are actually sim decoration by my landlord. He really sets a high bar on his Woody Creek sim with some really pretty landscaping.

Land Impacts: Heart – Silver Birch – Bush1 [3], [we’re CLOSED] grass field lush [1]