Style Doesn’t Have To Be Pricey

This is my first post here, so try to go easy on me. 🙂

There will be two really important “streams” to this blog, but they both converge. The idea of the House Dressing blog is that I want to show how you can create your own style through being eclectic and without necessarily spending a lot of money in world.

Just like with creating an outfit, it is important to have a solid “library” of things to build from.


This is our front porch. The build itself is the Bozeman Barn from Barnesworth Anubis. You’ve probably seen it before, because it seems to be pretty popular among Second Life people. It is nice because it is modifiable, which means that you can change textures and make alterations to the build itself.

The new centerpiece of this porch is the potted string light from Floorplan, from the 9/11/15 edition of Fifty Linden Friday. The “Beware Pickpockets And Loose Women” sign is a favorite of mine, also from Floorplan. The bicycles are from a pack from {what next} called the Decorative Huntington Bicycle. The LGBT flag is the Pride Flag from Apple Fall. The rug is LISP, the Faded Summer Rug.

This look is my transition from summer to fall. The bicycles will probably get picked up once “Fall” is in full force, but for now we can hold on to them. This is what I mean by “having a solid library” of decorative items that you can use. If you watch events you can find pieces that you can store away for a rainy day (or the next time that you decide to rez a new home and fill it with furniture). However you find the pieces for your library, it is important to remember to create your own voice when you decorate. Yes, look at real life magazine and the Flickr streams of creators and bloggers, but you really, really need to think about coming up with your style, your voice when you create your space in Second Life.

Everything in world is prefab, what matters is how you assemble things. Your personal style is the jigsaw puzzle and the signs, posters, plants and pieces of furniture that you pick up are the puzzle pieces.

Welcome to House Dressing, I hope that over the course of this blog I show you my voice and my style as we look around the virtual world to find the things that will end up being your home.

Land Impacts: Floorplan potted string light [3], Floorplan “beware” sign [1], {what next} Decorative Huntington Bicycle [6 each], LISP Faded Summer Rug [1].


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